Invitation to General Asembly of Shareholders

Conference on the work and organization of stockpiles

Organised by the IFC-World Bank Group and Swiss confederation, under the auspices of the Directorate for Commodity Reserves rep. of Serbia in Belgrade there was held a conference about the work and organization of stockpiles in both Serbia and Slovakia, Slovenia, India, ... Remarkable presentation of business, housing and keeping stockpiles had gen.dir. of Makovica ad Slobodan Sekulic.

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Students visit Elementary school St. Sava

Visiting Makovica AD were our guests from the elementary school St. Sava. Teachers and eighth-grade students were introduced to the operation of our bakery. 

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„MAKOVICA“ a.d. - Mladenovac - Savića mlin no. 9
Enterprise storage and processing of grain and bread and bakery products

"Makovica" AD, is a leader in the mill bakery production on the territory of the region. Modern Bakery, silos, mills and cattle feed workshops are equipped by all international standards. Certificate of HACCP standard and its application in the production are guarantee of controlled high quality products.

The range has been significantly expanded and modernized. Over 25 types of primary and special bread, 70 types of pastry, 30 kinds of frozen dough, all kind of different grammage of flour, and a wide range of cattle feed make our offer wide and comprehensive.

Also, new vehicles provide safe and reliable distribution at the agreed time, which is one of the basic conditions for cooperation on both sides. Apart from investments in production capacity quite a lot is invested in staff training, so that the entire production process takes place under the watchful eye of team of technologists and management.

MAKOVICA AD performs storage and keeping service of mercantile wheat on behalf of the supplier. Silos are stored wheat exclusively J.U.S. qualities which include: Moisture 13%, primes 2% and 76% hectoliters. Makovica AD as a warehouseman undertakes to preserve the quality and quantity submit mercantile wheat, and protection from pests.

MAKOVICA AD performs services measurements on scales measuring group III, maximum capacity up to 60t.

Makovica AD provides services for reception of mercantile wheat J.U.S. qualities and its grinding in the following ratio:

1. Only for flour for animal feed in relation 100 kg mercantile wheat : 100kg flour for animal feed
2. Only flour for food in relation 100 kg mercantile wheat : 64kg flour for food
3. Combined, in relation 100kg mercantile wheat : 31kg flour for animal feed and 48kg of  flour for food