makovica kooperacija

MAKOVICA A.D. makes joint investments in the production of mercantile wheat with individual agricultural producers, i.e., subcontractors. The company is obligated to provide the cooperator with a raw material for production of wheat, according to established parities:

  • Wheat seeds
  • Mineral fertilizer
  • Pesticides

In return, the cooperant is obliged to deliver the mercantile wheat of SRPS quality in accordance with the established parity and to the exact deadline. Quantitative and qualitative reception of wheat will be performed at the laboratory "Makovica" A.D. Mladenovac.

Contact: 011 / 8232-555, ext: 120
Vesna Vasilic 064 / 3953-018
Slavica Pupovac 011 / 8232-555, ext: 120