Quality Policy

Our way of doing business is traditionally marked by the wish to justify consumer's trust and expectation, to preserve consumer’s satisfaction and maintain their loyalty. The strive for development and innovation goes in line with the goal of presenting recognizable products of superior and known quality on the market. In order to achieve the goal of recognizability through quality and safe product, we insist on selecting high quality raw materials, by introducing innovations, attractive packaging, and improving technological production processes.
Our vision is presented in the slogan "Quality we create with love", which is also the idea behind the Makovica’s long history of successful business practice on the territory of Serbia. By regularly adapting to market demands through monitoring and compliance with all laws and standards necessary for the stability and prosperity of our company, Makovica implemented ISO 22000: 2005, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and HACCP food safety systems, with aim to continuously monitor and reassess business processes in order to ensure constant progress and expansion of the company.
For the prosperity of a company, it is essential economically use available resources, and constantly invest in infrastructure, in cooling and heating systems, as well as other types of systems that could save time and increase environmental protection, including new technological equipment that could help making the work of the employees easier. Moreover, we are focused on the motivated and satisfied workers and associates: Through their regular education, protection and safety at work and better working conditions. Environmental protection is carried out through respecting laws and regulations and various other activities. In communication with our suppliers and strategic partners, we strive to achieve a stable partnership in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is a quality and safe product on the market. With a clear vision and a good strategy, we will endeavor to make progress in the following years and remain one of the largest companies in the milling and bakery industry.

General Manager Sobodan Sekulić

slobodan sekulic makovica