Invitation to General Asembly of Shareholders

Conference on the work and organization of stockpiles

Organised by the IFC-World Bank Group and Swiss confederation, under the auspices of the Directorate for Commodity Reserves rep. of Serbia in Belgrade there was held a conference about the work and organization of stockpiles in both Serbia and Slovakia, Slovenia, India, ... Remarkable presentation of business, housing and keeping stockpiles had gen.dir. of Makovica ad Slobodan Sekulic.

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Students visit Elementary school St. Sava

Visiting Makovica AD were our guests from the elementary school St. Sava. Teachers and eighth-grade students were introduced to the operation of our bakery. 

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MAKOVICA AD performs a service of warehousing and storage of commercial wheat on behalf of the supplier. The silos are stored with exclusively wheat of JUS quality which includes: Moisture 13%, Primes 2% and 76% Hectoliters. Makovica AD as a warehouseman undertakes to preserve the quality and quantity of commercial wheat, and protection from pests.
Costs of storage are going against the warehouseman whenever the realization of submitted commercial wheat in Makovica A.D.:

  1. through parity milling
  2. barter for materials / machinery
  3. in exchange for vouchers for bread
  4. or selling the same to stockholder.

If a supplier wants to physically take out wheat from the silos he first must pay according to the price of the Republic directorate for commodity reserves the amounts:

1. cost of inputs 1%
2. the cost of outputs 1%
3. weight loss of 0.5%
4. monthly cost of storage in silos Makovica AD 1%.