Invitation to General Asembly of Shareholders

Conference on the work and organization of stockpiles

Organised by the IFC-World Bank Group and Swiss confederation, under the auspices of the Directorate for Commodity Reserves rep. of Serbia in Belgrade there was held a conference about the work and organization of stockpiles in both Serbia and Slovakia, Slovenia, India, ... Remarkable presentation of business, housing and keeping stockpiles had gen.dir. of Makovica ad Slobodan Sekulic.

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Students visit Elementary school St. Sava

Visiting Makovica AD were our guests from the elementary school St. Sava. Teachers and eighth-grade students were introduced to the operation of our bakery. 

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Supply and Wholesale

Office Supplies:

011/8232-555 Lok - 120
Vukovic Srdjan 064/8719-301

Contact person with the Republic and the City Directorate for Commodity Reserves

Milos Trivunović 064/8719339

Contact person for mills in Kusadku, Belosavci and Jagnjilo

Dragan Knezevic 064/8719315

Sales Department:

Jelena Djurdjevic 064/8719324
Marija Markovic 064/8719360
Ikonić Susanna 064/8719776
Milena Jankovic 064/8719778
Cesarac Djordje 064/8719775