Invitation to General Asembly of Shareholders

Conference on the work and organization of stockpiles

Organised by the IFC-World Bank Group and Swiss confederation, under the auspices of the Directorate for Commodity Reserves rep. of Serbia in Belgrade there was held a conference about the work and organization of stockpiles in both Serbia and Slovakia, Slovenia, India, ... Remarkable presentation of business, housing and keeping stockpiles had gen.dir. of Makovica ad Slobodan Sekulic.

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Students visit Elementary school St. Sava

Visiting Makovica AD were our guests from the elementary school St. Sava. Teachers and eighth-grade students were introduced to the operation of our bakery. 

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„Makovica“ a.d., Mladenovac

  • Full name: Company for storage and processing of grain and bread and bakery products "Makovica" ad Mladenovac
  • Short name: "Makovica" ad, Mladenovac
  • The corporate headquarters: Savica mlin no., 9 Mladenovac
  • Registration Number: 07042612
  • VAT number: 101479554
  • Classified in the group of medium-sized legal entities.
  • Number of Employees: - In Business 2010th year: 237
  • Main activity:
    - 015610 - grain processing and production of bread and pastry

Founder of the company is People's Committee of district Mladenovac, decision no. 12014 since 17 July in 1950.  The "Makovica" operates as a service mill company, and in 1958. receives permission for commercial milling and may deal with the purchase and sales of all kinds of grain. That same year because of the reorganization of "Žitomlin" Belgrade, "Makovica" is merged with branch "Žitopromet" in Mladenovac, Smederevo Palanka and Arandjelovac. In 1966 former utility company "Ishrana" which dealed with the production and sales of bread integrates with "Makovica", so that "Makovica" deals with purchase, processing, production and sale of bread since 1966. In 1972 "Makovica" enters PKB Belgrade system. In 1990 "Makovica" goes out of PKB Belgrade system and starts to operate as an independent public company. 01 June in 1997. The DP "Makovica" is organized as a public company in accordance with the Companies Law as it operates today.

Until 1959 "Makovica" works in objects inherited after the war. In 1959 "Makovica" puts in function silos made of 1000 wagons. The reconstruction of the mill is made from 2.5 to 5 wagons on 24 hours in 1961, and in 1967 from 5 to 7 wagons on 24 hours. Modern equipment is introduced into the mill in 1992. The warehouse was built in 1969 with the administrative building area of 4.000m2. 1974 carried out major reconstruction of the bakery and introduced machine processing tests and increased capacities on the semi-automatic furnaces. In 1983 the second reconstruction is performed and the production process introduced modern equipment which increased capacity by 35%. The new silo made of 1500 wagons was built and put into action in 1980. In 1994. "Makovica" builds cold storage capacity of 20 tons and in 1995. the shock chamber capacity of 100 kg / h. In 1998. "Makovica" introduces gasification in production.

It deals with the storage of grain and production of all types of flour, production of 15 different types of bread, 32 types of baked goods which are also produced as frozen, yeast and unleavened dough, production of concentrated animal feed. Production takes place in facilities in the mill "Kosmaj" capacity of 70t for 24h, in the mill "1. May" in Belosavci, in bread bakery capacity of 20t, in pastry bakery which produces 3000 pieces of pastry a day and 1000 pieces of frozen pastry per day in silos with capacity of 2500 wagons. 

2007 the company sold the social capital thus "Makovica" is transformed from social enterprises to joint-stock company with the majority owner. According to the decision of the Agency for Business Registers BD. 149421/2007 from 14.12.2007. in the register of companies is registered full name: Company for storage and processing of grain and bread and bakery products "Makovica" ad Mladenovac, Raska Vukadinovica 9, was also recorded transformation of the social capital into the share capital as well as change of the original capital from CSD to EUR, with the amount of 2.677.341,77 EUR.

Now, in 2010, "Makovica" AD is a leader in the milling and bakery industry in the territory of the region, modern bakery, silos, mills and animal feed workshops are equipped by all international standards. HACCP standards and its application in the production are the guarantee for controlled high quality product. The range has been significantly expanded and modernized, over 25 types of basic and special bread, 70 types of pastry, 30 kinds of frozen dough, all kind of different flour grammage and a wide range of animal feed makes our offer extensive and comprehensive. New vehicles also provide secure and reliable distribution at the agreed time, which is one of the basic conditions for cooperation on both sides. Apart from investments in production capacities a lot has been invested in staff training, so that the entire production process takes place under the watchful eye of team of technologists and management.